Cleaning and Scoops

  • Rengörningskit för popcornmaskiner hos sundlings

    Kay Popper Cleaning Kit

    Product code: R108
    Specially designed for simple and effective popcorn machine cleaning. User instructions included
    6 x R105, Popper Cleaner 3 x R106, Kay “Scourers” 1 x R107, Kay Spray bottle.

  • Cleaner till popcornmaskiner hos sundlings

    Kay Popper Cleaner

    Product code: R105
    Cleaner specially designed for popcorn machines
    Bottle: 946 ml

  • R107-Kay-Sprayflaska

    Kay Spray Bottle

    Product code: R107
    Spray bottle for metered doses of Kay popcorn machine cleaner.

  • R6505-1-Stålglans-för-rostfritt

    Stainless steel polish

    Product code: R6505-1
    Suma Inox, for cleaning the outside of the kettle.
    Bottle: 750 ml

  • R6705-1-Glasputs

    Glass Cleaner

    Product code: R6705-1
    Glas cleaner Sprint.
    6 x 750 ml.

  • Skrubbis för popcornmaskiner hos sundlings

    Kay “Scourers”

    Product code: R106
    Cleaning “scourers” for cleaning popcorn kettle.
    1 pack.

  • 5027


    Yellow plastic scoop.
    Product code: 5026
    1 litres 
    Product code: 5027
    2 litres

  • Creators skopa i metal hos sundlings

    Scoop Creators

    Product code: C1081-R
    Metal scoop.

  • Värmetåliga handskar hos sundlings


    Product code: C1000
    Heat-resistant gloves.

  • Rengörningsbalja hos sundlings

    Cleaning Bowl

    Product code: R4030
    Cleaning bowl, grey.
    Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 145 mm.