Mission & Quality Managament System - SUNDLINGS

Mission & Quality Managament System


Our commodity groups are equipment, raw materials, packaging and prepacked foods, partially from our own production. We also offer warehousing and distribution of items and equipment on the behalf of our customers. Our core value is “the customer is central”. This entails that we take holistic responsibility throughout the food chain to provide our end consumers with the experience we wish to convey with our products. To achieve our core value undertaking, we consistently do our utmost to reach the highest possible food safety. We put great focus on transparency of our products and offer all our customers information and support to feel confident in handling them.

Our products are sold throughout the Nordics. As such, we are required to stay abreast of the laws and directives that apply in each of these countries. Our goal is to always be in line with the latest findings, allowing us to revise our products in a way that will always ensure a high-quality content and an equally high-quality taste experience.

Quality Management System

We want our customers to have every confidence in us as a food manufacturer.
To assure this, we have chosen to be certified according to FSSC 22000.
This ensures we have the right tools to be able to produce and supply safe products that focus on food safety.

We are certified by LRQA in Sweden.

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