Popcorn Machines – large


A_USA_FlaggaC.Cretors and Company, Chicago USA Charlie Cretors design
and patented the first popcorn machine back in 1885. Today, popcorn machine division has expanded to also include cotton candy machines, heating cabinets, dispensing systems and other specially equipped food processing equipment. Cretors is the leader and innovator in the industry.


Cretors popcornmachine Mach 5
Mach 5 is truly a versatile machine. Beautifully designed and built of the highest quality. It is based on Cretors long tradition of popcorn machine manufacturing and the exciting innovative features. Cretors exclusive automatic lid design, along with the airtight container corn corn ensures maximum expansion. The programmable LED sign (accessory), which can be customized, will promote additional sales.