Containers - SUNDLINGS


We have a wide range of popcorn and snack containers We offer containers with motifs of the top films of the season. We can also supply your own branded containers in a variety of different formats. Our Swedish-manufactured, flat packed standard containers are available in several sizes.

Read more about our own cups here: product specification (DK)

Popcorn container – Small 70800

Volume: 1,4 L

600 pcs/ctn

Popcorn container – Between 70801

Volume: 2,9 L

250 pcs/ctn

Popcorn container – Big 70802

Volume: 5,2 L

400 pcs/ctn

Snacks container – Small 70803

Volume: 1,4 L

400 pcs/ctn

Snacks container – Big 70804

Volume: 1,9 L

350 pcs/ctn

Seasoned popcorn container 70805

Volume: 2 L

250 pcs/ctn