Popcorn is 100% wholegrain and contains 15% dietary fibre, not to mention being anti-oxidant rich.

Popcorn is made from a special type of corn with a harder shell or hull. Popcorn is made up of around 14% water, a starchy core and a hull. When heated to 175 degrees Celsius, steam builds up inside the kernel. The pressure becomes so great that the hull explodes and turns the starchy core inside out.

There are two types of popcorn kernels:

  • Butterfly corn forms great ‘wings’ in different directions.This is by far the most common popcorn kernel.
  • Mushroom corn pops as a round shape and is used for caramel and other coated popcorn.

We sell Orville Redenbacher’s, the world’s largest popcorn brand, among others. Orville Redenbacher’s was founded in 1971 in the USA and is considered to be the best on the market. The kernels are stored in humidity-controlled silos and are only packed to our order. We off-load a new container from the USA every week which guarantees freshness and quality.

To give the popcorn its special character, we pop it in pure coconut oil and use extra-fine grain gourmet salt. We offer everything ranging from consumer-packaged popcorn to kernels and popcorn machines for popping it yourself.

Salted Popcorn 100g

Cheddar Popcorn 100g

Salted Popcorn 20g

Butter Popcorn 20g