Nordic region´s leading distributor

Sundlings Sverige AB is Scandinavias leading distributor of popcorn machines and related food products to arenas, cinemas and other venues. We work with the largest and most famous brands. We also produce our own popcorn and snacks at our FSSC 22000 certified production facility in Lidköping, Sweden

Allergies and sensitivity

People can develop sensitivity or an allergy to food that most of us can eat without any problems. This is either due to an allergy or a non-allergic reaction (sensitivity). When a person has an allergic reaction to food, their immune system is involved. But the immune system is not involved in non-allergic reactions. Milk is an example of the kind of food where people can suffer from both an allergy or sensitivity. They can be allergic to milk proteins or sensitive to the sugar in milk (lactose). This allergic reaction can result in serious harm and even death. Although sensitivity can cause discomfort, it is not life-threatening. All food contains proteins that can cause allergies. The kind of food that produce allergic reactions most often are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, legumes such as peanuts and soya, various nuts and seeds, and wheat. Sundlings’ products contain the following allergens:

  • Gluten
  • Milk protein
  • Lactose
  • Soya

Although popcorn does not contain any of the allergens listed above, it is produced in the same premises. The way cinemas handle snacks and popcorn can also affect this. This means that we cannot guarantee that they are “free” of the allergens above. It is important to remember that the main source of information is the ingredients on the package. It is always up to the customer whether they can eat something or not. If you need any support about allergens, you can always contact us at Sundlings on +46(0)510-861 80 or by sending an email to: