Popcorns Machines – accessories

This is where you will find all of the accessories that make it easier for you to make popcorn. Choose the correct oil pump for your bag’n box or drum. If you want to make popcorn anywhere without external ventilation, you should buy our new Apop5 oil mist filter for your popper.

NEW! Apop5 Oil Mist Filter

Produced specifically for cleaning oil smoke from popcorn machines. This is produced by Absolent, a Swedish company that is one of the world leaders in filter equipment for oil smoke, oil mist and dust.

Best possible separation rate for a safe and attractive workplace.
The filter has 4 filter stages, the final one being the H13 Hepa filter with a guaranteed separation rate of 99.97% at 0.3μm. This means that the air is completely free of particles and can be fed back into the premises, balancing ventilation and reducing heating costs.

Guaranteed function for oil smoke.
Oil smoke particles are very small, less than 1.0 μm. Other filter types, for example, a centrifugal separator, find it difficult to separate such small particles. The filter is designed specifically for this purpose. The self-draining, extremely compact filter cassettes can recycle up to 300 liters of oil a year; oil that would otherwise end up in the air.

Energy-efficient with guaranteed air flow – using EcoDrive.
The high efficiency EC fan has integrated air flow control and ensures that the filter uses as little energy as possible. The fan starts at low revolutions when the filter cassettes are clean and slowly speed up as they become dirtier to make sure the airflow is correct. It also reacts if the machine is open or closed, adapting the fan revolutions – all to save energy.

Small and compact design.
This filter unit is small and light, making it ideal for placing above a popcorn machine.

  • Olojedimmfilter för popcornmaskiner hos sundlings

    Oil mist filter for Popcorn Machines

    Product code: APOP5
    Contact us for more information.    

  • Heat Oil Pump for Bag´n Box

    Product code: C7900
    Voltage: 230 V
    Wattage: 250
    Dimensions: 350 x 460 x 420 (wxdxh)
    Weight: 16 kg
    Other: Holds 2 bag’n box packs.

  • Heat Oil Pump for Pails

    Product code: C7700
    Voltage: 230 V
    Wattage: 700
    Dimensions: 340 x 560 x 340 (wxdxh)
    Weight: 9 kg
    Other: Electronic timer.

  • Warmer Cabinet for Bag´n Box

    Product code: CBRW4
    Voltage: 230 V
    Wattage: 180
    Dimensions: 410 x 440 x 1260 (wxdxh)
    Weight: 25 kg
    Other: Holds 4 bag’n box packs.
    Contact us for price. 

  • Hot Rod for Pails

    Product code nr: C7520
    Voltage: 230 V
    Wattage: 400
    Dimensions: 600 x 70 x 60 (wxdxh)
    Weight: 2 kg
    Other: For preheating of oil pails.