Candy Floss – machines

Cretors produces some of the best cotton candy machines. These machines can achieve margins almost unparalleled. Ringmaster machines have the market’s latest feature, fixed elements. These elements sit in a stainless steel head which is easy to clean. You do not have to change elements band in other machines. The motor has protected bearings to avoid sugar fallout.

  • Ringmaster sockervadsmaskin hos sundlings

    Ringmaster Lite

    Product code: CRML
    Capacity: 3-5 kg/h 
    Voltage: 230 V
    Wattage: 1250
    Dimensions: 340 x 330 x 440 (wxdxh)
    Weight: 13 kg
    Other: Small candy floss machine, supplied with bowl. 
    Buy for whole or half plastic dome.

  • Ringsmaster seven sockervadsmaskin hos sundlings

    Ringmaster Seven

    Product code: CRM7
    Capacity: 7-9 KG/TIM
    Voltage: 230 V
    Wattage: 2250
    Dimensions: 430 x 350 x 440 (wxdxh)
    Weight: 21 kg
    Other: Flagship model with very high capacity.
    Buy for whole or half plastic dome.

  • Wagon for Ringmaster

    Product code: CRM2WB
    Dimensions: 1020 x 720 x 770 (wxdxh)
    Weight: 25 kg
    Other: 2 wheel wagon powder coated in blue. Delivered knocked-down.

  • Ringmaster Dome ½ incl. clips

    Product code: CRM-K-L
    Other:Plastic dome. Fits both Ringmaster Lite- and Seven.

  • Ringmaster Dome whole incl. clips

    Product code: CRM-K-S
    Other: Plastic dome. Fits both Ringmaster Lite- and Seven.